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My first Name is Pema and my Last name is Tshering as we Bhutaness are not divided into caste system we actually don’t have a sur name. My name is named by own father according to the day I was born.
I showed my entrance in the mortal world in the year 1984, 1st November that was on Friday. As my mother told me that when I was born I got very sweet smile, red lips with pair of lovely and attractive eyes that brought joy to my father, who in fact was hoping for a baby boy. When my mother gave birth to me it was normal birth given at my own home like most of the Bhutanese people does.
My father was only twenty five when he got married with my mother, who is only fifteen a simple village girl from Trongsa, born to Mr. Dorjee and MRS. Karma Lhazin as an elder and first child .She is named by her father as Chimmi lhamo who is really soft, kind and generous.
My father, he is a teacher, he completed his matriculate from Simtokha, a very age old institute of our country in the year 1976 and was sent to teach dzongkha language to the southern Bhutanese students in Gelephu (southern part of the Bhutan) which was his first placement. He faced lots of difficulty to adapt with the environment such as language communication and so on. He didn't get the privilege to train in the Institute of education but was lucky to receive the royal command to be a teacher.  To other people he is known by his name Mr.Pema Wangdi, to me he is my god that my words are very limited to give my gratitude.
My brother is the eldest from my family with three sisters’ and one younger brother. In total my family consist of eight members, I feel completely happy to be born as son to my father, mother and brother to my siblings.

My childhood was of not much of extra ordinary, its completely simple; I had been under lots of exciting times. I used to be great obstinate with my siblings as well as to my childhood friends which actually refute me in their company. Sometimes, my younger sister and I used to play toy game where my friends would like to join me but I don’t’ entertain them unless they give me their marble. I heart fully cherish those lovely days and wish if I could turn back the time.

My journey towards education started in the year 1990 at Haa Jankana Primary School in pre-primary when I was only six years old. I was enrolled in boarding where I was taken care by my two elder sister’s who were also in the boarding. I was frequently made fun by some senior boys not because I look different but due to my stay in girls’ dormitory; as I didn't have any one to look after me in the boys’ hostel and was too young to look after myself.
In the class, I was not meritocratic performer but very much talkative. Without giving a second thought I used to raise my voice to answer the question asked to the class, which in fact was always wrong. More over, I loved to be in the eyes of teacher who doesn't get frustrated with students for their mischievous but  I do really get scared with my dzongkha teacher, who comes with his big cane stick in his hand. To divert his attention I used to hide myself behind my friends.  
Till my 2nd grade i studied at Haa Jankana Primary School and then I had to leave for Monger due to my father’s immediate transfer.
It was in the year 1993 when I first learned local dialect (Sharchokpa) with my newly met friends who were all with me in the 3rd grade at Monger Primary School. My school days in Monger were not much different from my previous school, where I used to be one of the trouble creators in the class without paying much attention to my studies. It didn't surprise me when my teacher announced that I failed in mathematics paper in first term examination but was of sure that I will be disciplined by my father and he did it. Being naughty in the class makes me recognized by all of my class mates but not with the marks that I scored in the exam, so I started being good student listening to what teachers were teaching and off course not to be disciplined by father any more. I had great pride at the end of the year because I stood second in the class and for this, I particularly give my humble thanks to my class teacher and my dear father who constantly checked on my performance and behavior, which I do hate once.
Till 4th to 6th grade I had studied in Tshimalakha Primary school, where my father was posted in Chukha Dzongkhag to continue his career in Chukha High School due to his health problem. My stay in new school from1994-1996 built me with more exposure and is a second time that I learned another local dialect (Lho_tshm). I used to be an apple of eye to most of the teachers, since I do well in studies and sports too. It was in year 1996 when I first experience what board exam was. To my hope I came up with the desired position in my result.
I studied my 7th grade in Chukha High School in the year 1997 as it was my placement after the successful completion of 6th grade. Again it was a new school, new teachers and new experience for me. I was only 13 years old and second youngest in the class. Some times bigger boys in the class used to make me shed my tears out of me because of their envy upon my performance in the class. Whenever they (bigger boys) played hate full game to me and to my friends I instead of complaining to my class and subject teachers I directly go to the staff room to call my dad, which in fact was advantage for me to be a son of a teacher. Happily I finished my 7th grade holding a position in the class with prize in my hand.
My father was once again transferred to another school under same dzongkhag, where I too have to follow him to the new school. I studied in 8th grade in my new school, Tala junior high school in the year 1998. I met with lots of new friends who most often spoke only in their local dilate and I too was adapted with it. In the class we are of 24 numbers, interestingly my best friend and I were in the same class with some more friends, we used to be proud of our selves considering our seniority in the school. Knowingly or un knowingly or might be it’s under the influence of friends I first experienced smoking cigarette with my fellow mates and also experienced very first sip of alcohol, though my father is really disciplined one. I lost interest in studies but on contrary loved to hang around ideally. My being lost in the studies was proved by my fail mark sheet and I had to study in the same class for one more year that really ashamed me.
I studied my 9th grade in Bajothang High School under wangdue Dzongkhag in the year 2000. I was once again made to test the boarding life. I tried my best in studies, I stopped mingling with those new friends who abuses the substances even then I could not fulfill my own aspiration to hold position from my class. 
In Bajothang I was extremely suffering from home sick, I asked my Dad not to continue my 10th grade in the same school where I won’t be able to concentrate on my studies even if I work hard.
I was happy to be back with my old friends in the year 2001in Geddu Higher Secondary School, where most of us were former students of Tala Junior High School. Being with an old friends is really exciting but as a saying, ‘Bad habit hardly dies’ once again I moved on the wrong track with my old friends giving more priorities to unproductive chores. My teacher especially chemistry madam advised me in her full capacity and warned me of telling to my father but is of no use to me. As result of my ignorance and decrease of interest in studies I didn't qualified for government school.
After completion of my 10th grade, I was landed up nowhere; my father was upset with me for not taking serious in studies. He scolded me, advised me and many more which I could not exactly remember. Fortunately, my brother had arranged for my continue education in Thimph and it was tremendous relief for me.  I studied my 11th and 12th grade at Rinchen Higher Secondary in the year 2002-2003. For the first time in the school I took interest in singing and learned how to play guitar which was kind of exposure for me.  Year 2003 was not fortunate year for me, I didn't qualify for Kangulang College. To continue my education I went to Kalimpong College Under north Bengal University. (India) I passed out from the college in the year 2007 and attended my graduate orientation.
Latter on 2008 Ministry Of Education announced the vacancy for Light DruckYul contract teacher, where I took keen interest to serve the nation as a teacher. I was posted in Tashi Yangtse Dzongkha and I joined Tokaphu Community Primary School, which is three hours walk from the main road point on dated 12th august 2008. During my stay in the school I was able to develop lots of skill such as ability to handle all the class from pre-primary to sixth stander and most importantly the social interaction among the staff, students and communities. I had served for past three and half years in the school, which was my greatest achievement.
After my contract term, I did  PgDE from Samtse college of education and on the completion of the course my initial placement is in Bjishong MSS.  

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