As they have Agenda to talk.

  people who gossip with you will gossip about you
Everyone seems very pleased by getting me as their topic to talk. I didn't do any anything great or anything worth, but I understand that I might have done something that’s different in their eyes. Do I have to walk by their thoughts? Is it necessary for the people to poke their views on my business?  If it is so, why don’t they search a way to render their hands for support instead of gossiping all around?
I was bewildered, when I heard the people around me were laughing at me with their witty smiling faces, as if I have elope their wives and track their husbands to abscond their wives. As I have read in one of the articles stating that we all know it’s wrong to gossip, and no one wants to seem malicious. So why do we indulge in this guilty pleasure? Knowing and ignoring is a human’s fundamental nature, therefore; I shall be wiser on my own path rather than spending my precious time in eavesdropping on those…back-fence talker.
 I was once told by my dad that people are in pleasure when they have something to talk about others, and for now I can clearly see in the eyes of those people how enthusiastically exaggerate the simple word in to a thrilling statement. Wow! Hat’s off to the amazing talent that those people possess. I wonder what instinct makes them to raise their guilty voice for others when it is of no benefit. 

My hypothetical innate tells me that people do love to gossip because they get pleasure out of others pain, bringing all the negative thoughts of others in the form of words or else they might be thinking to make their selves to be the part of the group or community. 

Being human we all carry resentment, but is it good for us to show the resentment in the form of gossip?

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  1. Lopen Pema human being have no agenda to talk without gossiping. Their talk becomes charmless without talking about others.

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  3. Sir Pema,

    I have always believed in two things.

    1. People who talk behind your back is where they belong. BEHIND YOUR BACK. They could not be at par with you or ahead of you.

    2. ' Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.' Eleanor Roosevelt.

    So, never mind these people. You are always on a better side.

  4. thank you sir, for casting the eyes on my reprimand and letting build with positive attributes.