Once upon a time in the village of Goen, there lived a poor young and honest boy, who was easily tricked and persuaded by all the villagers.
One day the poor young boy went to collect fire wood for the cunning richest man of the village, to collect firewood he needs to walk far-off village across a range of hills and pass through thick forest that is said to be the home of the deadliest man eater jackals.

Deep inside the forest he collected the fire wood as quickly as he could to avoid the threat of getting himself killed by the carnivores. After collecting the fire woods, he journeyed towards the village by crossing the range of hills and passing the thick forest. Carrying a heavy load and climbing up the hills was very tiring for him. He felt exhausted, thirsty and hungry too, but he could not rest to relax.

As he reached near the bridge he thought that he was now no more in danger of getting himself hunted by the deadliest man eater jackals; therefore, he unloaded the firewood and relaxed himself by taking a nap in the middle of the bridge.

Dominated by the physical exhaustion his nap had turned into deep sleep, where he has forgotten the threat of the jackals. Snoring with high density he had no idea how the time had passed quickly turning the day into night.

Upon waking up he was shocked that it was already dark and a feeling of undercurrent disgruntled aroused in him. As expected he saw the glittering eyes from the edge of the bridge coming towards him. He was extremely afraid, helpless and a feeling of anguish came over him. He thought that it might be his last hour to stay on the earth.

The glittering eyes came nearer to him, he panicked and shivered making his pants wet. He exclaimed with fear that god can only save him and lied on the bridge helplessly. He farted softly for a several times which had a very powerful bad odour.

The jackals surrounded him and tried to roll him, but the smell of fart bewildered the jackals. Out of the group, one of the elder jackals said, “My dear fellow mates this man is not a fresh flesh for us to eat, he smells awful.” When all the jackals were scratching their heads, a small little cute jackal answered the elder by telling that if they happen to eat the man right away it won’t be wise for them. In the meantime, one of the female jackals said, “Let us take him in our cave and dry him in the fire so that the awful smell will go off and we can preserve him for emergency dinning.” The idea was welcomed by all and did as instructed by the lady jackal.

Leaving the boy in the cave, all the jackals went in search of a fresh meat for dinner. It was now a relief for the poor boy; he opened his eyes to look outside the cave. To his amazement the cave was full of gold and diamond that can make a man rich for more than three generations.

The poor boy hurriedly carried some of the gold and diamond and made his way out of the cave to the village. Though he felt tired and exhausted in reaching the village, he was happy to get the wealth.

With the wealth he owned he became the richest person of the village, he built a castle for himself with many servants working under him. He lived the life of a king that he had never imagined.

One day when the former richest man was passing by the castle, he was stuck with the sense of jealousy. He even felt envy upon the boy, he felt like snatching all the wealth from the boy. Being not able to do anything he made a plan to reveal the secret of the boy so, he went in the castle to ask the boy.

Inside the castle the man could not believe his own eyes, when he sees the life of the boy and the painting on the wall of the castle. He was quite stuck with reverence for the boy, but his cunning nature forced him to ask what he needs to know from the boy. He said, “How can a poor fellow like you dare to stand as big as me. From where did you get your wealth?”   Instead of arguing with the man, the boy shared all the incidents that he had faced and even thanked the man for sending him to collect fire wood which in fact was blessing in disguise.

The man burned with ego thought of doing same like the boy. He started his journey early in the morning without the notice of anyone. He journeyed to a place where the fire woods were collected and came back to rest on the middle of the bridge enthusiastically waiting for the jackals to turn on.

With the cold wind blowing heavily he felt very chill, but the lust and desire to be the richest man made him resist the cold. After a long hour of waiting, the jackals showed their presence. The man put up all his skills and did what the poor boy had done. He farted softly with an awful smell similar to that of the boy.

With the smell touching the breath of Jackals, all the jackals felt very angry and furious too. They believed that the air they breathe of fart was the fart of a man who had stolen their wealth.

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All of the jackals were puzzled for a while and they started talking about the man. After discussing for a while the elder jackal suggested that they will not dine on a person who was mischievous in steeling others wealth. He said” My dear jackals if we eat him we might grow the sense of dishonesty; therefore, we won’t take a bite on him instead we all will agree to throw him from the bridge and let him drown in the freezing cold water.”

The man who was supposed to get the wealth of jackals was now in big trouble. He listens to the conversation of the cleaver jackals, but was helpless to help himself. He prayed in his heart, remembered his own cruelty and remained as calm he can.

All the jackals lifted him, carried at the edge of bridge and threw him from top. Thus ended the life of the cunning man

MORAL: greedy will turn us into greediest. 
             Opportunity will jingle with simplicity.  

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