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He opened the window, sauntered in the room holding a Samsung cell. He thought of making call, but was not in the determination to do. Alas! He said, “Why on earth I am scared to tell what I feel inside me. Am I not a man?” He closed the window jumped on the bed, tips of his index finger on the mobile phone. He lied on the cozy bed that was made out of teak wood and was well put on with double size mattress. He rolled on the bed for several times, closed his eyes imagining the beauty scenario that he was hoping to happen in coming days ,but not being able to decide to call or not.

The apprehension rises to the peak of his thought and he made his mind to dial the number. He pressed the number by not giving way to the fear of getting negative response, but listening to the ring and was lucky to get the response from a melody voice saying, Hello? “Who is this?” He stammered to respond, forgetting the mind that he had decided not to get excited and fear; therefore, the call on other side was hung off.

Burned with the emotions he was lost on his own way; suddenly there was knock on the door. He opened the door with sigh of not being able to talk the feelings of his very thought. It wasn’t surprise for him to see his room partner MR. Dorji on the door. “Welcome in.” He said. Dorji straight away went in the kitchen to look for a food. Might be Dorji was immensely hungry.

 Night passed on with the melody voice echoing in his ear (Hello? “Who is this?”) The tense was obvious on his face, and Dorji felt that. Out of courtesy Dorji asked him if he can render any help to get rid of his tense, but the imagination of him gave no room for Dorji’s say. Dorji being an intimate friend wants his buddy to be in the state of euphoria. Dorji insisted to tell him the problem, but was of no use.

Early in the morning, he made his mind to tell his feelings to Dorji. He went beside Dorji’s bed and said, “Oye! Dorji, I guess I am in love with a girl.’’ “So, what?” said Dorji. He continued saying that he met a girl on face book where they two had chatted for several months and now he wants her to know about how he feels for her. Dorji wanted to hear more of it to ameliorate the relation of his friend with her.
Affecting the air of nonchalance, Dorji being the soul friend of him asked the cell number of the girl from him and without wasting much of the time dialed the number. They two had waited patiently for the call to be received. After several rings there was an answer with same melody voice that he had heard previous night. Dorji handed over the call to him, but he insisted Dorji to disguise for him. As requested by his friend, Dorji smoothly talked with the girl; telling her how he wished to be with her. Dorji tried his best in wooing the girl for is buddy.

Every now and then, Dorji’s ears are filled with the talk of the girl by his Buddy. Dorji even needed to disguise for his buddy time and again in the phone that sometimes made Dorji to run away from his Buddy. Being a friend Dorji could not ignore every request of his buddy and did everything what he was asked to do.

Next day there was ring on his buddy’s call from the girl that his buddy wanted to be with her desperately, it shined his buddy’s heart. Dorji gave the call to him, but as like before he had no confidence to share his feelings; therefore, the favor needs to be done by Dorji “How are you doing dear?” said Dorji. “Um…Uah… is it karma? I’m talking to. “Came the answer. “Obviously.” said Dorji. “I am Karma.” the conversation went on more than 30minutes. Karma pricked the thigh of Dorji to let him tell about the plan he had planned.

Enshrined with the joy of hearing the positive response, both Karma and Dorji cherished the atmosphere. Dorji felt glad that he had been able to shoulder the responsibility of building rapport relationship of Karma with his dream girl. Karma on other hand credited Dorji for what he had done to him. “At last my job is done.” said Dorji with lots of energetic. Yes, said Karma. “That’s why I loved myself for calling you as my friend.” Both of them relaxed for a while and went for a cup of coffee to celebrate their triumphant.

The joyous moment of karma can’t be deciphered with a single monotonous word, but the automatic grin of smile can explain the disposition of his emotion. Whatever Karma sees, looks and hears turned to be amazing, there was no feeling of undercurrent of disgruntle even from the worst condition he encountered. While on the way to shop Karma asked Dorj if he could accompany him to go and meet the girl on Sunday. Dorji Paused for a while and then said, “Even If I say No, you will not spare me, so I must admit to go with you.”  Two of them talked on various topics till they reached back at their resident.

“What a beautiful Sunday” said Karma, early in the morning? He was so excited that he almost burned his hand in the hot water that he was holding in a cup. Ouch! What on earth, he shouted to himself and went to wake up Dorji. Dorji on the bed was reluctant to wake up, but could not show it to his friend lover boy. Dorji woke up in a pale mood and went to bath room to do the every morning chore that is always done in bath room.

 Meanwhile Mr. Lover boy made ready for breakfast and they both sat on a dining table to eat their breakfast. “Hurry up”, said the lover boy to Dorji. “As you know I don’t want to miss every second to be with her, so eat fast.” Dorji made deaf on Karma’s voice and he did what was told.
They went hurriedly to look for vehicles traveling to their destiny. As wished; they got a lift. Karma was tremendously excited and was preparing himself for better words to be shared with his unmet girl. Dorji on other hand took the advantage of time for slumber. During the course of journey Karma’s thought of being embraced by his love to her was flowing like a stream. He could not even hear what the driver was saying to him.

“Wake up boys,” said the driver. You have reached in your destination. Both of them woke up as they heard the voice and acknowledge the driver with the fare, which driver refused to take. They heartedly thanked the driver. Standing on the side of the road Mr. Lover boy took out his Samsung mobile phone and dialed the number of the girl, but was not able to say a word when the response came to him saying ‘hello’, he then quickly handed his phone to Dorji, who actually was in the sleeping mood. Dorji responded the call, pretending to be Mr. Lover boy.

Standing in the heat like a slim sun bathed drift log, they two waited for the girl to pick them up. Mr. Lover boy’s eyes went everywhere and loved whatever he sees, as he is in the state of deepest love. He even felt the sight of despondent, but was tinged with the engrossment of seeing her very soon. 
Waiting for more than hour both of them had a butterfly dancing in their stomach, Dorji could not stand longer from not eating anything else, he without any words to Karma made himself move towards the nearest restaurant. Karma standing all alone looked at his glittering Samsung cell with the hope of presenting himself perfectly in front of the girl and then followed Dorji.

In the restaurant, Dorji had a good time eating well prepared porridge served to him by a most beautiful waitress of the restaurant. He tried his witty smile to make him gain her attention. Karma on the other hand was felling lethargic and clumsy. Time and again he looked at his phone screen, he tried to call his unmet girl many times, but the response he heard was only the same computer voice stating that the number you have dialed is currently not reachable.

Seeing the frustrated face of karma, Dorji tried to cheer up the mood of karma by cracking meaning less joke, he even shared the tips on how karma should behave and speak when he meets his girl. In between their conversation a call rang on karam’s phone boisterously. Karma without looking at the screen he pressed the received button and said, “Hello.” and stood aghast, but didn’t surprise him to hear the alluring voice saying that I am sorry I have made you wait for a long hour and still I am in doubt whether I will be able to come immediately or not.

Though Karma was speechless, yet he was happy to hear her voice.  He had been displaying the idle reverie of an exuberant face in crowd of restaurant. Dorji quickly noticed the change in the mood of his friend and was explicitly interested to learn what the girl had said to Karma. To pass their time in waiting the unmet girl, they two ordered the snacks and the beverage of their personal choices. 

Waiting in restaurant with all the ordered snacks, beverage and watching Television could not assuage the patience of him in waiting his girl. His face contorted with impatience, looked up at Dorji who in fact shined like a star in the restaurant, within no time Dorji was able to socialize with all the members of the restaurant and was also able to conquer the heart of the most beautiful girl. Dorji had introduced himself in a way that it was impossible for any girls to say no to him.

Time and again Karma glanced at his mobile. He sees his friend (Dorji) talking merrily with the girls. Getting sabotaged by his own thought, wondered in his mind why she is making him wait for so long and what urgency had occurred to her when he had struggled the tiring journey to embrace her so deeply in his heart. The shift of the karma’s emotion was vivid through the way he breathes.

  Everybody in the restaurant was having an exuberant time jeering with each other, but Mr. Lover boy lost all his endurance in waiting. Scratching his own head was the only way to made him not to feel alone in the throng.  Just as he stood up to make his way out of the restaurant a girl came to him. She asked him to sit and talk with her. He felt revelation for a while, but agreed to do what he was asked. They looked at each other’s eyes and also witnessed the joyous moment of Dorji and the girls in the restaurant.  

Karma waited for the girl to start the conversation, but she only sighed and shook her head, for she wants to tell something what Dorji had told her about their reason for visiting the place. To start a talk he pointed out to have one more cup of coffee. He said, “I wonder why you have asked me to talk with you when you are not starting any.” The girl chuckled and said, “In fact I am not aware of what you and Dorji are up to, but as I see you in a clumsy mood I asked dorji about the reason.” She gasped and continued saying that I am afraid how you will react on what I am going to tell. Karma listened keenly to understand what she is going to say as they have never met before.

The girl saw a look of surprise on karmas face and she felt bit awkward, but she thought that it won’t be good for her, if she keeps him from not knowing the fact and then she continued by saying that when Dorji told me why you people are here and showed me the number I instantly remembered the number and felt pity on you. Karma was in tense to hear what she was about to tell. He suggested her to tell what actually she meant.

She looked at the hilarity play of Dorji and her friends to resume what she had to tell to Karma. She told him that whatever comes on the way cannot be ours; it all depends upon our previous karma. The philosophical talk of the girl made Karma in dilemma, he wondered what she was up to and why can’t she be straight to the point. For a while the girl looked at Karma and then said, “All I wanted is to let you know to whom you have given your heart”.  “I am sorry”, said Karma. Without any hesitation she spoke him that the girl whom he had been waiting was no more than a wife of someone. Karma was shattered at once, but was not able to believe his own ears and asked what she told him. The girl repeated what she had said.

Immediately he took out his cell phone and dialed the number of his love. When hearing the response ere he knew there was something fishy and truth in what he had heard. He stood up to walk outside, but was stopped by the girl. He reluctantly sat on the chair, lifted the window curtain and sighed deeply….  



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